Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing which one is better? What is the main difference between both traditional and digital marketing. Every marketer wants to know which marketing strategy is best while choosing from both. Selecting the right marketing type leads to a successful business. Here everything needs to know between digital marketing vs traditional marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing as the name itself define the marketing which done through traditional channels where no or very less involvements of online medium called traditional marketing. The traditional marketing was the only way to showcase your brand into market before internet revolution.

traditional marketing- digitical tech marketing solutions

Channels of Traditional Marketing

Below is the popular channel use in traditional marketing

ATL (Above the line) Marketing Approach

  • Television
  • Radio/FM
  • Hoardings (OOH)
  • Newspaper/magazine

BTL (Below the line) Marketing Approach

  • Bus/Train Branding
  • Auto Branding
  • Leaflets distribution/Insertions
  • Mail
  • Text Messages

What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing use after the revolutions of internet and mobiles where the peoples switch on internet. The digital marketing is the reverse term or traditional marketing where the promotion of the products and services done through internet. So, the digital marketing definition is to promote products and services through internet called digital marketing. The digital marketing includes social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), SEO, Google Ads, WhatsApp marketing, e-mail, website and so on. After 1990’s the trend to promote products and services from traditional marketing to digital marketing have been drastically shifted because the use of internet and mobile phone users.

digital marketing

Channels of Digital Marketing

Below is the popular channel use in digital marketing

Difference Between Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

The main difference between the traditional marketing and digital marketing is the medium through which the audience receive the message. It can be trough traditional way like newspaper, magazine, TV Advertisement or through digital platform like social media, SEO, Google ads etc. In both cases one common things which is delivering is message.

Traditional marketing is not meant it is out fashioned. It still plays a vital role in marketing fields like after revolution of smart phones or internet people still read newspapers, watch TV, see hoarding or leaflets which means it still into trend. The impact of traditional marketing advertisement through different channels leaves a huge impact on audience mind and remember for a long time which help for a brand recall.

In the same way digital marketing nowadays is very convenient to brand your products and services because of smart phones. The digital marketing also is the very good and trending platform for marketing. It revolves every time around us whether people are searching something on internet like restaurant give the opportunity to restaurants to show their dishes or if planning for traveling the same opportunity for travel companies as well.

Which Type of Marketing Should Use? Traditional or Digital Marketing

This is the main question came across which marketing is best for business between both when a marketer thinks about to promote their products or services. The main key to create a successful marketing campaign is to mix both way into their marketing strategy. The both ways have their pros and cons so skip one may lead to loss in business. So, while choosing the right marketing type should think their pros and cons of both marketing approach. While choosing between both the marketer should smartly choose balance marketing type out of as per business requirements. Let’s take the example of any big brand like coca-cola. The brand uses traditional marketing in before 1990s when there was the only way to promote their products and create a great hype like if someone feel thirsty drink coca-cola but after internet revolution of internet and smartphones the company adapt the digital marketing also to promote the same along with traditional marketing.

So, choosing a balance between traditional and digital marketing lead to a successful marketing campaign.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

advantages & disadvantages of traditional marketing

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Effective & Easy to Understand – Traditional marketing includes promotion through hoarding, TV advertisement, leaflets or other medium which were have clear communication and its easy for customer to understand because of this its effectiveness increase and create and long-time impression into customer’s mind.

More Durable Media – The medium used in traditional marketing is more permanent rather than digital marketing. For example, if an advertisement published into a magazine it remains in that magazine till it recycle. So durability is more rather than digital marketing.

Long Impact – The traditional marketing medium having long impact on its customer mind rather than digital marketing. For example, the advertisement given in the newspaper will remain in mind throughout the day because the advt. visibility duration is more than the medium use in digital marketing.

Physical Interaction with customers – In traditional marketing the best part is the physical interaction with customers. For example, if promoter activity or leaflets distribution activity take place then the physical interaction occurs.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Expensive – The traditional marketing is more expensive rather than digital marketing. The TV advertisement, hoardings, newspaper advertisements required lot for budget for promotion.

Difficult to Measure – This the major draw back of traditional marketing where can’t be measure the effectiveness of its campaign whereas there are lot of tools and intelligence of customer can measure in digital marketing.

Limited Direct Interaction with Customers – In traditional marketing there are very limited options available for customer interaction where can’t find the customer reactions or behavior on any particular campaign.

 Difficult to Change in Communication – In traditional marketing its very difficult to change the communication or message frequently as compare of digital marketing.

Limited Reach – The traditional media having its limited reach like the communication can spread in local area whereas in digital marketing the reach of the message can go globally in a short span of time.

No Real Time Results – In traditional marketing there is no real time result measurement. After a campaign through traditional marketing need to wait for its result whereas in digital marketing the real time leads or result available for any campaign.

One Way Communication – The method use in traditional marketing is one way communication where customer have the limited option for interaction whereas in digital marketing there is a option always available for two way communication.

Weak Customer Targeting – Traditional marketing is good for mass audience but when come on narrow targeting or need to target a specific type of audience then there are very limited option available whereas in digital marketing can target customer as per their interest, taste and demography.

Difficult to Measure ROI – The ROI calculation is very difficult in traditional marketing. The campaign effectiveness can be measure by its ROI based calculation but in traditional marketing its very difficult to measure success of any campaign.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Cost Effective – The major advantage of digital marketing is its cost effectiveness. The digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. The advertisement on digital platform having low cost and high return.

More Reach – The digital marketing having global reach. The communication or message can be reach globally in few minutes.

Less Effort Required – To setup a campaign on digital platform required very less effort and time in comparison of traditional marketing where required lot of efforts to run a campaign.

Easy to Measure Effectiveness – To measure the effectiveness of any campaign in digital marketing is easier rather than any other medium.

Targeting – The best part of digital marketing is its customer targeting.  In digital marketing the narrow targeting is possible as per customer taste and preferences.

Frequently Communication Changes – In digital marketing it is very easy to change its communication frequently as per campaign response and customer behavior whereases in traditional marketing its very difficult to change.

Easy ROI Calculation – Its very easy to calculate the ROI (return on investment) in digital marketing of any campaign.

Real Time Results Available – The beauty of digital marketing is its real time result. The result of any campaign can get in a very short time to measure of its success.

Two Way communication – In digital marketing there is two-way communication is available and can interact to its customers directly and respond at a time of their queries.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

Dislike and Annoying – The percentage of dislike or annoying of advertisement on digital marketing platform is more. For example if you are scrolling the Instagram or Facebook page to see something about your friends activity and suddenly ads appear which you don’t like then the annoying situation occur.

Less Impactful – Digital marketing advertisement disappear in just second by scrolling up and down so the impact of that advertisement on customer’s mind remains temporary rather than traditional marketing.

Options to skip or hide – In digital marketing there is a draw back of skipping the advertisement or can hide to those advertisement which is not related to a particular customer. The example in YouTube advertisement where skip option available to skip videos whereas in traditional marketing can’t skip or hide the advertisement.

Conclusion – The moral of the story is each marketing approach having its own pros and cons. So to use both marketing type is totally depend upon the business needs and requirements.

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