Why Digital Marketing Important For Business?

Why Digital Marketing Important for Business?

Why digital marketing so important for business in fact not for businesses but for every small or large establishments as well. So when a business gets started their first thing comes into mind how to reach their target audience?  If we are talking about 7 to 8 year ago the mostly businesses rely on traditional form of advertising such as placing of hoarding, Banners, Door to Door marketing, print ads or coupon marketing but now a days the scenario has been change because a study show that till January 2021 there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. This means 59.5% of the total global population, in which 92.6% (4.32 billion) accessed the internet via mobile devices.

So as per above data our 60% of total world population are using internet which is a very huge market. That’s why the presence of any businesses on internet is so important. Every traditional business is turning their business into digital platform to get more customers.

Digital Marketing Impact on Business During Covid’19

During covid’19 when all worlds were struggling for survival and business also wind up and many are going to be closed. In this situation business have been forced to re think and make the strategy to get alternate way to drive business. During covid’19 many business take the advantage of this situation where as many not. The business which includes digital marketing as a core business strategy made a great profit. During covid’19 the use of internet and sale of smart phone increase drastically. Many social media platform take the advantage to grow their business. People had nothing much to do outside the house except time spend over mobiles at this point digital marketing also grow rapidly.

Digital Marketing Definition

The promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication is called digital marketing. The digital marketing is also called internet marketing. This includes SEO, Social Media, Website development and any other web based services also called digital marketing channels.

In short, if a business involves digital communication, it’s called digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • PPC or Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC or Pay per click is also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO is a long process. It takes a long time and continuous efforts to rank a website organically. But if a business wants to take immediate result the best answer is PPC (Pay Per Click). The PPC model gives the desire result by publishing advertisement on search engine. You just need to pay a small amount to the publisher like Google search engine. Although its will not earn website traffic organically like SEO, but every time someone will click on ad will redirect to website and also have the probability to buy your products. By this your website will get conversion and traffic as well.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not a choice for a business but it’s become necessity. Social media nowadays become the bread and butter for any business whether it is for retail shop, wholesaler, manufacturer or and service provider. The reason behind of this increasing of social media platforms. Every day people are connecting to social media platforms and spending their most of the time there. That’s why every big brand is focusing on social media to make more visible in the market.It involves platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Pintrest, Snapchat and much more.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every brand nowadays wants to be on top on the Google search result page to gain the internet traffic. SEO helps to optimize businesses to remain visible on search pages and to get relevant customers. The higher website ranks on Google’s SERP, the more chances it is to grow business or brand.

  • Content Marketing:

It’s very trending and much effective tool into digital marketing allow the businesses to bring their customers and give the reason to purchase their products instead of pitching them a sales pitch. Content is the heart of the any business if its goes online. Good content fetch good relevant customers on automated mode and get a boot to businesses.

  • Video Marketing:

Video is the most popular media distributed online. It’s an effective marketing content that will bring more customers to your business. You can use video marketing in many ways. You can use it to promote your brand or a product, show behind the scenes of your business, share stories, and testimonials.

  • Email Marketing:

It’s one of the mostly used and oldest forms of digital marketing medium that has one of the highest ROI. It involves sending out personalized emails to a target audience or previous customers. Although its old medium of marketing but still have importance in customer acquisition.

Why Digital Marketing Important for Your Business?

  1. Customers Online Presence

This is the main reason why small businesses choose digital marketing platform because of the 60% of world population using internet. So a huge database of customers is available over internet. The mobile revolution in recent years boosts the ratio of internet users. That’s why every business wants to be digitalized.

  1. Cost Effective

Cost effectiveness is other benefit of digital marketing. The traditional means of advertisement involve a huge cost and the reach is also not very vast in comparison of digital marketing. Now businesses replace hoarding or outdoor advertising with display advertising on internet. Social media marketing has taken the place of Leaflets distribution or newspaper advertisement. The cost effectiveness makes digital marketing most favourite tool of advertisement.

  1. Easy to Reach

The reach to the real customer now become easy because of internet. There is various tool of analytics and platform through which business can reach easily to the target customers. For example if someone wants to promote music album or video song then YouTube or Instagram is the best platform. So as per business requirement can target the relevant audience easily.

  1. Easy to Customer Tracking

Customer is the king for every business. So if any business understand the customer requirements and future trends then it’s easy to cater that market or customers. There many tools and techniques by which we can analyse what customer want. This is possible because of the database available over internet.

  1. Easy to Competitor Tracking

Apart from customer one more reason makes digital marketing favourite that is competitor’s tracking now become easy because of digital marketing. In current cut throat competition it’s become very important to be up to date about his competitor. SEO is the best example when we talk about competitor tracking.

  1. Better ROI Tracking

This is the major difference between offline and online marketing. Every business wants to track their ROI. When we talk about offline marketing there is a major issue to track the exact ROI of a particular activity. Whereas in online marketing it’s easy to track ROI in a better way.

  1. Limitless Reach

Internet has no boundaries. The reach is limitless. Now we can promote our product or services anywhere in the world by just one click.

  1. Accessibility

In online marketing there is so many options available to promote any product or services. There is many platform or tools available by which any business can take the advantage.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility means you have the more option rather than stick with one medium to promote your products or services. For example Google ads, social media, SEO and platform make digital marketing unique.

  1. Easy to Establish Brand Reputation

Products USPs can attract the customers but brand reputation force customer to buy.  Reputation management is the perfect example of brand reputation. Many advertising agency provides brand reputation services to make a good brand image in the eyes of customers. Digital marketing is the best platform to make brand reputation on because it is the fastest way to make brand reputation in market.

Wrap up

Digital marketing is not only the platform to showcase products or services but it’s the lifeline of any business.

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