Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing For Business Growth

Digital Marketing is a very great source to achieve desire result in businesses. But before to get in deep, we need to explain the meaning of digital marketing, its different types of strategies and types of digital marketing that can be uses in business to achieve the desire goal.

So if you want to succeed into digital marketing or want to boost website traffic and attract a huge number of clients, create brand awareness, increase engagement with audience. It is very important to understand the each types of digital marketing.

Here we drafted the guide to help you to know more about this topic and stay up to date. Here you will learn the most effective and important types of digital marketing, their implementation of these various types, objectives, goal and benefits along with them. You will find the best implementation out of them according to business objectives.

So let’s keep up to date on most interesting types of digital marketing and increase your knowledge.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  3. PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  4. Content Marketing
  5. E-mail Marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Video Marketing
  8. Audio Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Influencer Marketing


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

seo marketing digiticaltech

When you start business the website is your business platform or showcase to show your product or services in front of your targeted audiences to sale and generate business.

SEO Marketing help your website to rant on search engine like google so that it can reach to those maximum people who are searching for your product or services.

To rank your website on search engine you must need to know about keywords research by which you can identify the best keywords related to your business for which your target audiences are searching on search engine. You can develop your content around those keywords to rank your website.

As per the report 91.5% of the total web traffic is shared by the site rank on first page of Google. So to become rank on the first page of Google it is very important to drive traffic to your website and it can’t be possible without SEO. Thus you can’t ignore it.

2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

social media marketing_digiticaltech

SMM or social media marketing is as the name suggests the marketing of your products through social media platform. There are many social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr etc. help you to showcase your product or services on social platform. It is the method that we used social media platform to promote a brand, products or content.

You may publish your content or product through organically or through paid ads such as search engine marketing (SEM). You can use one of them ot can go with both. In both way the most important thing to choose right social media platform with right content. So that your target audience can engage with you services.

The best thing in social media platform to connect your target audience directly and can stay updating with your content. The major difference between SEO and SEM that SEM allow you to generate instant traffic and sales which SEO take time to bring it.

So, stay with up to date with your content play an important role in digital marketing.

3. Content Marketing

content marketing_digiticaltech

Content is king. This is universal truth. People are always in search of useful and fresh information about to solve their problems or fulfill their needs. If you get succeed to understand the problem of desire audience and give them the best solution your audience will fall in love with you.

So, always try to generate high quality of content to attract more target customer. The quality content may be serving through different form of communication channel like blogs, social media, email or other medium.

The different channel demands different format of communication. It may be through video app, image and audio or info graphics. Once your content loved by your audience, business will drive automatically.

4. Paid Marketing(Pay Per Click)

pay per click_digiticaltech

SEO may take time to rank your website on top of the search engine but paid advertisement allows you to generate instant traffic and reach to your target audience. Paid advertising or PPC-pay per click give opportunities to show on top of the search engine. The paid advertisement can be done on search engine as well as on social media platform to showcase your content through different type of communication medium.

Pay per click is the best medium where you have to pay for what click you got on your ads. This method use to show ad on search engine through search, display, video or app promotion.

5. E-mail Marketing

e mail marketing_digiticaltech

Thousands of mails have been sent every day to their target audience but some of them still think that e mail marketing is dead but the fact is that this is very effective tool if you use it strategically and reach desire result. This is the best way to keep updating your content with your target audiences. Keep promoting your products or services in the keep in mind customer privacy and don’t send spam mails.

Use E mail marketing automation with right strategy or sale funnel to drive your customers into sales. The best part in this method that is this is the direct channel of communication with you customers.

6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing_digiticaltech

Mobile marketing is an essential aspect in digital marketing with the revolution of mobile handsets. The more audience is spending most of their time over mobile instead of laptop or computer. Make the tailor made offer for the target audience through test message, social media, website, app and other medium allow you to send your product or services information to the target audience.

Increasing of uses of app on mobile the audience like to spend their most of the time on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp chat etc. media application explore the opportunities to offer vast variety of information to the right audience.

7. Video Marketing

video marketing_digiticaltech

According to a report approx. 2.5 million people per month are looking for something on YouTube. Looking for tending news, entertainment, recipes,  travelling videos, how to make, study content or other query make YouTube far ahead in term of video search content.

Nowadays videos are more effective communication then image, text or info graphics. Video marketing strategy are being use to dive traffic through sales funnel. Design your video content according to audience requirements makes a different. For example if you want to search  video on how to make chicken curry at home then many video will appear there related to this query but best result will appear on the top of the YouTube front page because those video are fulfilling the requirement of that customer. In same way if you will design your video strategy after identify the pain point of your target customer. You will definitely get more traffic and business from there.

Apart from YouTube, whatsapp or video app are the best way to promote your product or services and can be used properly to get best out of it.

8. Audio Marketing

Audio marketing_digiticaltech

Likewise video marketing audio marketing is that which you can’t ignore to promote your product to the right audience. Audio marketing seems new terminology in digital world but very effective when we talk about its reach. In audio marketing radio, FM and podcast is the best channel of communication where people generally use to when they travelling or doing nothing. Podcast is the source where you can make branding and rech your product or services through this effective way of type of digital marketing.

9. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing_digiticaltech

Affiliate marketing is very trending nowadays. Affiliate marketing is a arrangement by which a online business pays commission to a external person or website for generate traffic or product selling. Many businesses drive their sales through affiliate marketing where you sell your product through other medium where traffic is very high and allow other people to make commission through selling of your product or display your product on their website.

Affiliate marketing very effective through social media platform. Many e commerce companies are adopting this method to make their sale.

10. Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing_digiticaltech

Likewise affiliate marketing, influencer marketing also a new format of business. As the name suggest the process where someone influence you to buy the product call influencer marketing. In this process you need just to identify your target audience and place your product to the influencer to endorse your product so that people can influence and make sale by influencing by the influencers.

In the end the moral of the story is whatever your business you want to drive the main thing is to identify right audience along with right medium of digital marketing.

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