How to get refund from google ads?

Google ads is a very good platform to advertise our products and services. Its a quiet cheap and effective tool in advertising industry if we utilize it in a proper manner. But sometime while advertising we violet the google AdWords policies by which our google ads account got suspended.

Google Ads refund process

When ver any google account got suspended due to any violation the first thing comes in mind that how will get our money back from google which have been stuck now? But worry there a very good and easy solution by which we can get our money back from google. Google have the policy if any account got suspended refund the amount to the same payment method from where google got the money. So always first thing keep in mind that whatever payment method have been added in google ads account for payment, the amount will refund in the same way. Now come to the process for refund.

Step 1 – Log in to google ads account from which refund need to be initiated.

How to get google ads refund

Step 2 – Go to Tools & Settings tab in the top of the bar.

How to get google ads refund

Step 3 – In setup tab click on preferences.

How to get google ads refund

Step 4 – In preferences there will be account status active.

How to get google ads refund

Step 5 – In active drop down click on cancel account.

How to get google ads refund

How to get google ads refund

That’s it your account will be cancelled and there will be a notification will appear and also get a confirmation mail from google about the cancellation and tentative date to be credit your refund in your same payment method. In generally its take 7 to 10 days to get credit amount from google ads but in some cases it took more time so if the amount does not receive after even 10 days need not be worry wait for more days and surely the will be credit.

Wrap up

Google AdWords have the policy to refund back the amount to the advertisers so that they can build a healthier relationship with its customers.


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